Mapping the given area is an essential part of a comprehensive "DNA analysis" or exploration of the locality. DNA analysis can identify clearly elements specific to a certain place and capture their interconnectivity. An interactive map, showing all necessary parts, was created for the Creative Centre project in collaboration with students from three of Brno’s universities within the MUNISS project.


View the map by clicking on the picture bellow:

Field research was used for mapping the area and all of the mapped buildings located there were placed onto an existing interactive Google map. Part of the locality’s DNA is the information about the history and urban planning of the district, buildings in neighbourhood and the prison building. The source of this information is the Brno city archive and other literary sources. These historical facts are followed by an analysis of the social environment. A research method based on available literature and Internet resources was used to achieve an objective opinion about the issues of the area. Then unrestricted interviews were conducted with responsible representatives of the provinces. A questionnaire survey was an additional activity. The questionnaires were aimed primarily at the people that are connected with the locality, and then at not-for-profit organizations, businesses and other institutions situated in the area. In conclusion, all the information and knowledge gained were processed in a SWOT analysis of the selected locality.