Mapping the cultural and creative industries of Brno


As part of the feasibility study for the Creative Centre Brno we investigated details about creative industries in Brno. We were looking for answers to questions such as: how many architects are working in Brno, how is it possible to support designers so that they can better succeed in international competitions, or whether Brno is the capital of the Czech video gaming industry.

The results of this quantitative and qualitative mapping will be used within the Creative Centre’s feasibility study; they will also be available for the use of the creative professionals of Brno, for their future cultural projects and creative plans.

The quantitative part

We completed quantitative mapping of eleven cultural and creative industries in Brno in December 2013. We created a database for each sector of entrepreneurs, companies and institutions or organizations that work in music, performing arts and cultural heritage, within the sectors of film and video, television and radio, architecture, advertising, video games, the book market, art and crafts. We calculated the total number of operators in Brno, how many people they employ and which kind of legal status they have. Overall, we have identified 11,000 operators that belong to the creative industries in Brno. We estimate that in Brno creative industries employ around 20,000 people.

The main objective was to map the number of operators in the Brno area within the given sectors and find out the maximum information available on them - in particular their legal status, number of employees and economic data. We used the Albertina database for this investigation and worked with CZ-NACE – codes for economic activities. Working with multiple databases and their comparison proved to be the most appropriate method of mapping. We had to complete the basic database with information about missing operators using the snowball sampling method, for which we asked experts from each sector to help us.

The qualitative part

We conducted qualitative research in January and February 2014. Part of it were mostly interviews with experts from individual industries and also an online questionnaire. Selected industry representatives were invited as experts to work together in identifying the strengths and needs of those creative industries in Brno.

The methodology was prepared in cooperation with Petr Návrat, who also led the qualitative interviews. Petr Návrat is involved in projects dealing with urban regeneration, local economic development and city authorities. He currently works at the Prague Institute of Planning and Development, where he works on updating the strategic plan of the city. Petr Návrat is also a founding member of ONplan – the Oh & Návrat Joint Planning Laboratory, which he founded together with the Korean city planner, Doyoung Oh.

The reactions of a number of participants and photos of each meeting can be viewed in the “Photos of the Meeting” link here.


The complete results of both parts of the research will be completed in the summer of 2014.


On the mapping, we are working together with the Art Institute of the Czech Republic, the Partnership for Czech brownfields. We would also like to thank the graduates and heads of the Theatre Management Dpt. of the Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, and the Moravian Gallery in Brno for their cooperation.

We would additionally like to thank all of the consultants, both of the individual industries and of the research methodology, for their help.