CREATIVE ambassadors from Brno

They are associated with southern Moravia.

They are also well known abroad.

They are living proof that it is possible to build a successful career in the creative industries.

Petr Skala ~ Kateřina Tučková ~ Jakub Dvorský ~ Kateřina Šedá

Petr Skala / Skakala

Petr Skala

  • designer
  • graphic design, motion graphics, web design, animation
  • first Czech to win the Red Dot - Best of the Best 2010

After studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, he popped over to work at the Dutch studio, Fabrique. Now he is back in the Czech Republic and alternates between being employed and freelancing. With his colleagues he founded a non-traditional advice centre, Nomad Design.

Petr Skala mainly works in graphic design and animation, and has received several awards abroad. For handmade animation for the spot for the Dutch company Van Beem & Van Haagen, he won one of the most prestigious awards in the Red Dot Design - Best of the Best in 2010.

What he says about Brno: I love coming back here.

Watch an interview on Czech TV’s website.

Kateřina Tučková

Kateřina Tučková

  • writer
  • the most successful Czech authoress (2x Magnesia Litera , translations into 7 languages ​​)
  • the curator of international exhibitions

She was born in Brno, where she studied Czech and the history of arts. Both subjects earn her a successful living.

When she found out, shortly after moving into a new apartment, that Brno’s Germans had been controversially expelled from that street shortly after the end of World War II, she wrote the book The Expulsion of Gerta Schnirch, which became a bestseller and was awarded the Magnesia Litera. Another of her award-winning bestsellers, the Goddess of Žítkov, is focused on the folklore of the Moravian countryside.

She works as a curator and is mainly dedicated to larger projects with a foreign overlap. She has undertaken, for example, exhibitions in Munich, Dresden and New York.

What she says about Brno: It's an extraordinary place with a rich history. Brno was the Moravian Manchester and also a pearl of functionalist architecture, the musical heart of the wide neighbourhood and the dreaded jail. It is a city of countless stimuli that inspire me, the city that I like the best .

Find out more about her on her website

Jakub Dvorský

Jakub Dvorský

  • graphic designer, game designer
  • founder of the independent game studios, Amanita Design
  • Custom Game Development for the BBC and Nike

He perceives the computer game as an artistic medium. Players have no objection against it; games like Samorost and Machinarium quickly became a hit.

Amanita Design Studio mainly feeds adventurers, although Jakub himself does not play them very much. Maybe because of that, players are not held by dialogue but revel in the wonderful graphics and playfulness. His studio is located in Brno, but he celebrates successes internationally.

He also collaborated on Jan Sverak´s movie Kooky (Kuky se vrací) for which he earned a Czech Lion film award nomination.

What he says about Brno: I like Brno because some likeable people live here, there are some great restaurants and bars and the surrounding forests are great. Brno is one of my favourite “villages”.

Play his games at

Kateřina Šedá

Kateřina Šedá

  • intermedia artist
  • focus on socially-tuned happenings
  • she obtained the Jindřich Chalupecký award and has exhibited at London's Tate Modern

She does not like to be labelled as an artist. Her happenings amaze not only the artistic public but mostly the participants themselves. For example, when she transported half of the population of Moravian Bedřichovice to London's famous Tate Modern.

She makes the extraordinary from the ordinary. And she always makes the participants of her happenings consider the fact whether they really live the ordinary lives they think they do.

What she says about Brno: I have a rather critical relationship to Brno, I say that I do not live in Brno, I live in Líšeň (part of the city of Brno).

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