Creative Brno

In Brno there are lots of productive and creative people. At the same time, lots of international experience and research shows that the creative industries play an important role in the development of cities. And that's why the Creative Brno initiative came about.
The aim to is support people working in creative professions and empower them. This will bring benefits not only to them, but also will develop the city and the region.

The Creative Brno project has three parts:

1) Analysis
We will chart the current state of the creative sector in Brno and South Moravia and, where appropriate, propose further steps in their creativity.

2) Creative Centre
We are exploring the idea of building a centre and incubator for the creative sector.

3) Prison
We are currently analysing the future use of a former prison for the purposes of a creative centre.


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Research in the former prison is finished

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New website!

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